Ayaka Tadano

Born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1992.
2016 Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Painting, College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University
2018 Master’s Degree in Art and Education – Aesthetics and Art History, Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts

2023 Supported by the Setsuryosha Museum of Arts, stay in Florence and study at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (March-June)

Materials –
Washi (Japanese traditional paper), Iwa Enogu (powdered mineral pigment), Suihi Enogu (powdered mud pigment), Nikawa (animal glue), Silver Foil


Statement –

I create paintings on Japanese paper using mineral pigments, silver leaf, and animal glue.

While nothing remains the same in people’s lives or in nature, I try to depict new landscapes by picking up hopes and traces in the midst of change and loss.

My work is influenced by my experience of the 2011 earthquake in my hometown. Though the disaster struck the world, there have been moments of beautiful scenery.

Feeling them as beautiful was a hope for the future.

The colors of the landscapes I paint depict the passing of time and the feeling of the air when the world seems to shine.

While knowing the beautiful shapes and nature of the world, I would like to depict the scenery in my paintings that will become a place where everyone feels they belong.