Diffusion of Nature 2023 vol3.Hokuto

Diffusion of Nature 2023 Soil and Dreams, an exhibition by participating artists of the Unnodaira Villa Artist-in-Residence Program, is now on view.

This year, starting with the Asakusa venue by the 2022 participating artists, the exhibition will be held in different forms and events will take place in Shibuya and Hokuto City.

At the last of the three venues, Hokuto City Gasbon, I will be exhibiting one additional work, “Secret Wetland”, a 100-size work.

VenueGASBON METABOLISM12 Asao Shinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi 408-0205
DatesFriday, May 26, 2023-Sunday, July 10, 2023 *Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

The exhibition will be held at GASBON METABOLISM, an art space in a former giant factory in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, which commands a magnificent view of the mountainous landscape. The exhibition will go beyond the framework of an exhibition of the results of the AIR, and will take the diffused viewpoints of the artists who shared the natural environment of Kumonodaira and their expressions within a larger framework, and point to the current location of “Diffusion of Nature” as a “movement” that asks the question, “What is nature for us?”


Anais-karenin & Tatsuro Murakami / Hiromasa Iwasaki / Taichi Kagami / Shigeta Kobayashi / Hanna Saito / Osamu Shikichi / Shibi / Kaoru Shibuta / Soar / Shinobu Daito / Ayaka Tadano / Keiko Hata / Minami Haraguchi / Shinjiro Watanabe / Tomoki Watanabe

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